Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pajama Pants

A friend at worked told me “Oh, I love those pants but are those pajama pants?” 

“Well, Yes and No” They’re not the traditional pajama pants you sleep in, but they feel as good.  And who wouldn’t love wearing pajamas to work? These pants are so much fun to wear because they’re comfy and soft.

The print reminds me of wall paper from the 60’s.  My favorite thing about this shirt is the detailing and the decorative buttons.

Can an outfit make you happy? Mine does!

What I Wore
Pants- Talbots Thrifted
Shirt- Elle Kohl’s
Shoes- Target
Clutch- Vintage
Bracelets- Gift, Forever 21
Watch-Vintage Thrift
Ring- Charlotte Russe


  1. I LOVE those pants girl!! They are super cute! I love how you paired them with pink. You look fantastic in pink. That is most def one of your best colors! Your smile is so beautiful and big that you could light up the entire room when you walk in. LOVE IT! Kiah

  2. Love the pants an those pics are beautiful... who's the

  3. Give me PJ wanna-be pants ALL DAY!! And the print is HAWT on you!

    *side-note* Bless you for finally doing the darn thing and making a blog. I saw your pic featured on Adored Austin's blog!! You are making your mark and definitely doing great posts! You are putting mine to shame so just knock it off already!! Haha.

    No seriously, keep it up. We're enjoying your content much :)


  4. I love your hair, your top and bangles, and your pants if they make you so happy.

  5. Too cute Scooter! I agree with FROM THE "REZ" TO THE "CITY"....That pink is really pop, pop, poppin on you! That last shot of you looking up is adorable, your photographer is fab! ;)

  6. P!nktastic... WERRK THOSE PJ'S!!!! *LOVE IT*

  7. I'm LOVING those pants!!!!!!!!!!!! They look marvelous on you and that touch of pink is FIRE. YOU LOOK FABU!!!!

  8. You have such a big pretty smile! I love those pants!

  9. love the print of those pants! :)hope you can check out my blog or some +vibes & inspiration! i am also hosting a great giveaway; a one of a kind Frida Kahlo cuff! XOx

  10. Aww, these are so cute! I love the pink on should wear it more often! Btw...Im feeling replaced...I thought I was your photographer?!?!? lol...j/k

  11. @Kiah Awww You made me smile. Thank you for the lovely comment. Yea I think pink is my color.

    @ Fitz, Yes a BIG thank you to my photographer!

    @Raven, Wow, I had no idea I was on Adored Austin blog! Thank you for the heads up.
    I want you to know how much I truly appreciate your support. I’m so pleased that we meet at the Blogger meet up because that was the push I needed to start this blog. You’re encouragement was such a blessing that day….Thank you again!!!!

    @ Sacramento, Thank you! When you look good you feel good!

    @Luci Lui, As LA Lynn said I’m P!ntastic ….Love it! And big shout out to Fitz the photographer!

    @ LA Lynn, I love that word P!ntastic!!! That is too cute!!!

    @SheDel, Thanks…I guess pink is really my color!

    @Inez, Thank you gurl!

    @Carolina, Thank you for the lovely comment. Yes, I will be happy to check out your blog.

    @ Priscilla, Thank you…please know you will always be my main photographer!!! No one can replace you!

  12. I love your look! is so fresh with all the colors combo and the smile who can beat that! ^_^
    xx Joice

  13. Great colors with comfortable styling, but the best accessory is your smile.

  14. Ahhh..that pink looks great on you and I love your hair! Thanks for the super sweet comment:))

  15. I would love to rock a pair of pants that were as comfortable as pajama's. Love the print and pink is a great color for you!!

  16. I absolutely adore that top! The color, the design--absolutely stunning! I adore the pants too! Nothing like fashionable comfort.

  17. How could I forget the clutch and the flower power bangle? Luvs it!!!


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