Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bloggers Do It Better- Neon + Neutral

The fourth installment for Bloggers Do It Better is Neon + Neutral.  The look is to have a simple neutral palette with a pop of neon color. That is not a problem for me because I’m all about the color.  Brighter and bolder is always better!

My first goal was to resist buying anything new since I’m shopping my closet.  So I had to get crackin and see what I could find.  Lucky me, I came across this neon orange Christian Dior blazer that I found a couple of weeks ago at the Goodwill for $9.99!  Can you believe that?  That was a good thrifting day…I absolutely love the color and the gold CD buttons.

I imagined this blazer was once worn by a “well to do woman” that spent her Saturday with the Ladies Who Lunch drinking hot tea and conversing about their vacation homes.  My Saturdays are far from the Ladies Who Lunch, so I decided to add my funky flair to this blazer by pairing my splatter paint Gap Khaki pants and bold accessories.

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What I Wore
Christian Dior Blazer- Thrift
Tank Top- Thrift
Khakis- Gap
Belt- Thrift
Shoes- Target
Bracelets- JCPenney and Bakers
Ring and Earrings- Beauty Supply
Necklace- Vintage
Watch- Michael Kors
Purse LAMB
Nail Polish- OPI Alpine Snow and China Glaze Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
Nail Polish Tip- Apply white nail polish as a base coat and add neon nail polish on top.
The color will pop!


  1. I love your blazer and the nails are to die for...
    You absolutely rock the NEON+ NEUTRAL.

  2. Magazine worthy I TELL YOU!

  3. Wowzers!!!! U paired those colors up really well. I was just saying I wanted to get some MELLOW-YELLOW nail polish and OMG that purse… hand it over!!!!

  4. love the shoes and the color of your nails too! you look great :-)


  5. Ok, I see you Mac! I love these colors! Yummy!

    Great job! and that blazer love it!

  6. that blazer and the color looks amazing on you! I also LOVE your hair! You look great Katie Mac!

  7. THAT, what a great find! Love the color and it's perfect for summer and spring months....

  8. Of course you know I always love the looks you bring to the table...The oranges is so pretty on your skin and I just love the buttons on that blazer...

  9. Thanks so much ladies...I really had fun with this challenge!

  10. This is so cute. I love that blazer. lol! "Well to do woman" but you made the look ur own. You know she never wore it like that.

  11. good choice the vest the color is jewels

  12. Purse is HOTT!!!! Great colors with outfit

  13. so chic

  14. Ms. Mac, I have to say your style is quite impeccable, that orange blazer is spectacular! I love love love all the neon colors :)

    with love,

  15. that christian dior blazer is so beautiful and i love the color!

  16. Love the orange and yellow neon combo, great look!


  17. WHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THAT BLAZER!!! You know I'm all about bargains and I'm loving what you did with this outfit!! SUPER CUTE

  18. Excellent find! Au courant! Loving the entire ensemble. Everything! The colors all look great togther. Totally feeling the bright yellow highlights of the toes and fingers! Thanks for mentioning the color ;)

  19. bad to the B O N E!! love it!!


  20. GIRL! I love this entire look! You look amazing! Love the colors and that bag is stunning!

  21. I love that bag! I have the matching wallet

  22. nice outfit I like the orange and YELLOW touch'
    U look nice ;;)​/


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