Thursday, September 22, 2011

Green & Glamour Block Party and Beauty Event

This past Saturday, K.D from Hair Gurl and I attended the Green & Glamour Block Party and Beauty Event at Natural Resources Salon.  Due to the rainy weather the block party was moved inside the salon where attendees munched on snacks and viewed a fashion show hosted by Great Day Houston’s Deborah Duncan.  Natural Resources Salon is a chemical free salon that specializes in natural hair care, organic products and treatment for hair loss.  

I had the pleasure of meeting Rocquelle from Consider Me Lovely who was super friendly!
If you haven’t check out Rocquelle’s blog please do. She has a great love of vintage fashion and accessories. 

Uche was the fashion designer for the event and will be relocating to LA to make her mark in the fashion business.  She is extremely talented!

The event was so much fun and I will be returning to the salon soon to keep up my new hairdo!

What I Wore
Top-JCrew Thrift
Jeans- Forever 21 Thrift
Scarf and Rain Boots-Dots
Bracelets- Jcpenney and Bakers
Earrings- Beauty Supply
Purse and Watch-Michael Kors

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Nail Polish Junkie

This post is for all my Nail Polish Fanatics!   
Thanks to the power of You Tube I became addicted to nail polish. Watching countless hours of nail polish collection videos I became intrigued with all the colors from bright bolds, subtle pastels to deep dark rich colors. I love them all!
Nail polish is the perfect accessory by adding that additional pop to any outfit. But the best incentive for collecting nail polish is the price. You’re able to get that shopping high for less than two dollars.  C’mon who wouldn’t want to make a trip to CVS, Walgreens, Target or you store of choice for the newest nail color.
I was so strung out at one time, that I had a subscription to a nail magazine. This enabled me to be informed of all the latest nail polish collections. I also track down a local nail salon wholesaler who sold to non license individuals. I was able to get the latest collections such as OPI and China Glaze at discount price. But my main goal was to purchase my nail polish rack.

My nail polish art pens…I love the Sally Hansen nail art pens!
Has anyone tried the Sally Hansen Salon Effects yet? They last up to 10 days! I haven’t tried mine yet…

Konad nail art stamping kit…A nail kit that allows you to stamp a pre-designed image on your nails in minutes!
Check out You Tube for some great nail tutorials using Konad.

Below is a list of my all time favorite colors
-Sinful Colors 24/7
China Glaze In the Lime Light (Neon)
Maybelline Express Finish Minty
Avon Sunshine
Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Commander in Chic
OPI Lincoln Park After Dark

Check out these fabulous nail polish blogs!

So if you’re a nail polish junkie leave me a comment and let me know your favorite color!


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Polka Dots and Stripes Oh My

On one of my thrifting escapades I found this 100% silk top and striped skirt…..I love them paired together…rockin the mixed prints look. 

But that’s not the best part….let me reveal the total check out price for both items……
Yep, that’s right, I said it $3.00……I paid $1.50 for the top and $1.50 for the skirt……WooHoo!!!

Can I get a high five up top???  But wait…… there is more….. I found the same skirt in another color…yes ma’am….that was a great thrifting day. It’s the thrill of the hunt when it comes to thrifting…you never know what you’re going to find.  I felt like a million bucks….

My Club Monaco lucent necklace was a gift from a friend…..loving it! 

What I Wore
Top- Thrift
Shoes- Thrift
Necklace- Club Monaco (gift)
Bangles- Forever 21
Earrings- Old
Clutch- American Apparel
Nail polish- OPI Orge-The-Top-Blue and Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday

Thanks Fitz for taking my pictures!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Treat Yourself

My philosophy is you work hard and it is a must to “Treat Yourself”….buy that special item that makes you happy! Go ahead, get that dress or those new pair of killer heels…you know you deserve it….”Treat Yourself
Here are the few things I treated myself to on my California vacation.      

A great hand bag is a MUST purchase on all my trips. It’s so much better than a souvenir shot glass that you’ll never use. I love that feeling, when someone asks “Where did you get that bag?”
I couldn’t leave this Michael Kors Denim Grayson bag. The camouflage version of this bag was my first choice but I could never find it in stock but I fell in love with this one!!

Michael Kors wallet- I never match my wallet to my purse that’s too boring for me. I like my wallet to be a pop of color and this orange is on point!

A bloggers must have clutch by American Apparel.

 TOMS silver glitter classic. I love the idea for every pair you purchase; TOMS will give a pair of shoes to a child in need. One for One

Steven by Steve Madden platforms

H&M striped top and leopard scarf

My new favorite nail polish Deborah Lippmann "Happy Birthday"

Enjoy your weekend and remember to “Treat Yourself”!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Five Dollar Finds

It’s that time again….Five Dollar Finds.
I found these pants at my local thrift store for $5 bucks and couldn’t leave them. I’ve been looking for a fruit skirt for months with no luck but these pants are a great substitute.

When I saw these fruit capri pants two of my favorite bloggers came to mind, Sacramento from Mis Papelicos and Kiah from The “Rez” to the “City” and I thought, “What would they do with these pants?” These ladies are masters of mixing prints, are extremely stylish, and have become my fashion inspirations.

I thought it would be fun to add my striped shirt with the fruit capri pants….A great look for an awesome price!
What I Wore
Capri Pants- Thrift
Shoes-Steven by Steve Madden
Bracelets- Harwin and Thrift
Watch- Sam Moon

Monday, August 22, 2011

California Love

I wanted to share some of my vacation pictures to California/Disneyland. A week full of fun, food, and a fabulous time…what more could a girl asks for?
My best friend and I had a blast seeing all the sights in Cali…Thanks to her cousin, our tour guide; we had a full itinerary each day!

Rodeo Drive
A display outside the Prada Store
A girl can dream…

LA Ink

Santa Monica

Palm Springs -Hot, Hot 105 degrees
 Disneyland with my BFF, her cousin and me…Fun times!  
My first time visit to Disneyland
Dodger Stadium
I truly enjoyed my time in Cali…..I can’t wait to go back….

Sunday, August 21, 2011


I’m baaack.......and I missed you guys. I would love to blame my hiatus on something of major importance but the truth is I needed a break from the Internet. Yes, I said the Internet!!!! I was spending way too many hours online that it was becoming slightly addictive. For a brief moment, I could’ve been featured on MTV’s True Life- I’m addicted to the Internet….the only problem I’m way too old to be on MTV any longer.…LOL.... So I cut the cord and turned off my laptop for three weeks………My plan was to get some projects done and be productive but most of my time was spent lounging….go figure!!! But I can say I got some much needed sleep and that was great. Anywho I’m so happy to be back and catch up with you guys. So let’s get back to our regular scheduled programming….

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Good Times

Tracy, Stricli Hair, Fitz, Trice, Me, Shandha, Mona
This past Sunday, I attended brunch at Cyclone Anaya’s to celebrate Strictli Hair’s birthday. It was the perfect day for brunch with friends.  We had a blast laughing and harassing Jeff, the worst waiter ever! When this crew gets together, things can get out of hand….let’s just say we like to have a good time! So much so, we were asked to leave the restaurant due to our loudness and disturbing the other guest!

No worries, we just moved the party to another location….

Anywho, let me tell you about my Dots Rompers.  I love it!!!! Anytime I go to Dot’s, it’s always a hit or miss when it comes to finding something. But this time I got lucky with this one shoulder romper.

The romper comes in black as well but the print version caught my eye….It has such a 70’s vibe… Enjoy the rest of your week…..
What I Wore
Sandals- Target
Bangles-Dots and Forever21
Earrings-Forever 21
Sunglasses –Goodwill

Monday, July 18, 2011

Fashion Magazines

Are fashion magazines becoming obsolete? I remember when a lazy Saturday consisted of reading tons of fashion magazines and eating cold pizza. But now most of my magazines get a glance over if their lucky or never get opened….How sad is that!?!?
What has happened, that I have no interest in finding out the latest fashions according to Instyle, Glamour, Harpers Bazaar or Lucky magazine just to name a few.
I'd much rather stalk fashion blogs and gain my fashion influences from you guys, my fellow bloggers.  Real people with Real Style and Real Budgets!
A fashion blog is far more personal than a magazine. With a fashion blog, I can leave a comment if I’m diggin your outfit, search for hours, because there are a gazillion blogs, and interact with the fellow blogger via social media…. What’s your preferred method of getting your fashion fix?
Do you still read fashion magazines? Let me know your thoughts!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Short and Sweet

I just wanted to drop a short and sweet post featuring my OOTD. If you stalk the Forever 21 website like I do, this dove kimono style jacket should look familiar. I watched this jacket for days before I gave in and made a trip to the mall.

The print reminds me of the Miu Miu 2010 collection, which is way out of my budget. This is my look for less….

Check out my favorite clutch…It’s the House of Field Clutch Sex and the City 2 Movie edition. Samantha Jones carried the blue version in the SATC movie.  I purchased this clutch at the Patricia Field store in 2009. If you’re visiting NYC and want to pick up some memorable gifts, stop by Patricia Field’s….trust me, you’ll be glad you did!

Have a great weekend…..
What I Wore
Jacket-Forever 21
Tank Tops-Ross and Marianne
Clutch-Patricia Field
Ring, Watch, and Bangles-Forever 21

Thanks to Geli for taking my pictures!