Monday, July 18, 2011

Fashion Magazines

Are fashion magazines becoming obsolete? I remember when a lazy Saturday consisted of reading tons of fashion magazines and eating cold pizza. But now most of my magazines get a glance over if their lucky or never get opened….How sad is that!?!?
What has happened, that I have no interest in finding out the latest fashions according to Instyle, Glamour, Harpers Bazaar or Lucky magazine just to name a few.
I'd much rather stalk fashion blogs and gain my fashion influences from you guys, my fellow bloggers.  Real people with Real Style and Real Budgets!
A fashion blog is far more personal than a magazine. With a fashion blog, I can leave a comment if I’m diggin your outfit, search for hours, because there are a gazillion blogs, and interact with the fellow blogger via social media…. What’s your preferred method of getting your fashion fix?
Do you still read fashion magazines? Let me know your thoughts!


  1. I think ALL magazines are becoming obsolete, lol. There's so much info on the internet now that it just doesn't make a lot of sense to waste that paper. I'm sure people will still have their favorites, but its not the same as before...

  2. I still read magazines..but I have definitely cut back. I believe fashion mags are becoming obsolete especially with all the great fashion websites and bloggers out there! My preferred method of getting my fashion fix would be via the internet!

  3. I agree with Priscilla. I barely even read my magazines anymore. I browse through in less than 10 minutes and then i'm off to check out fashion&makeup blogs. It's the new IT thing to do to stay in the know. Runway fashion has always been influenced by the style of the streets (real people) and it only makes sense for everyting to make a full 360 inthe blog world.

    Plus, there is a different kind of connection you get with bloggers than with magazines and I think that people like to connect with real people.

  4. I do have a subscription to two magazines at the moment. But I often find myself not getting a chance to read them all. I have to say the internet is just a more convient and more pesonal way of getting tips on fashion.

  5. Wow, this is a great topic of discussion. I agree ladies, with the advancement of technology it’s more convenient to go online or bookmark your favorite fashion blogs on your phone to view anytime verses carrying a magazine around. With the internet you’re able to get up to the minute fashion updates instead of waiting per month for the latest magazine not to mention magazine prices have gone up. I have a difficult time paying almost $5 dollars for a magazine…that’s outrages. Has anyone also notice most magazines are filled with advertisements too?

  6. While I loveeee my blog world I will always love turning the pages of all my fav fashion mags....


  7. I have to have my Vogue and Harper's Bazaar!! I don't care about any others! I have a friend that sends me all of her old magazines for inspiration. I just threw out about 100 magazines that have piled up. I look through them all. I love to see what's fresh and new with the designers! I also get a hoot out of the "do's and don'ts"! lol Kiah

  8. ah the big battle between the magazines and the blogworld! well there is one thing, blogging is just a phenomenon and maybe it will not last forever! it is all part of the reality/new media decade! how will this evolve, who knows???

  9. You are myself right I have 15 years old of magazines in my cellar and lately not much or always the same thing(matter) and yes you are right the maintaining inspiration comes rather from blogs or you manage and you innovation.

  10. Wow… this is a great post! Personally, I STILL read fashion mags whenever time permits. Mainly, right before bed or under the hair dryer when I’m at the hair salon. I have TONS of them… I even cut out pics for inspiration but I am finding myself surfing the net more and more each day and scanning blogs for a more personable level of communicating with everyday fashionista’s!!!! The mags have been around forever they may fade but I don’t think they will go away forever… then again that’s what my mom said about 8-Tracks & Cassettes. LOL!

    ~I’m sure the internet is causing a major dent in the MAGS revenue!!!!

  11. i read them all!! lol...i love to see whose wearing what, and whose going where. i also love the fashion trends that the celebs rock. i don't subscribe to many tho; i buy the issues i want on my nook. however, i do subscribe to ebony and essence for other reasons. i love how they cater to african american women and the articles are always enlightening.

    when reading blogs, i think its fun to see us "regular" people take a trend and make it our own. seeing someone’s personal styles is always interesting.

    so all in all, lol, i like both blogs and magazines for different reasons.


  12. I don't read them. I'll flip through them every now and again.

  13. Great post! My mag reading has definitely decreased in favor of internet browsing.

  14. K-Mac I think they are becoming obsolete..things are going digital now and that would help with my clutter...ugh

    I will not digitize that September Issue!!!!

  15. Uhhhh, I just look at the pics! LOL!! But so many things are becoming obsolete! Telephone books, rolodex's, Reading books, etc. Heck, you can even order contacts online now! What the what!! "The world went and got itself in a big damn hurry"....(Shawshank Redemption) Sad, but true! :)

  16. I do read the magazines, but mostly use them to get inspirations of things I can do on my own. I just don't have the money for most of the things they show. $200 tee shirts? Ridiculous in my book. I also love seeing what real women are creating.

  17. @Jen, I can understand the need to still read magazine it’s just easier for me to go to the internet.

    @Kiah, Wow over a 100 magazines….I need to recycle my magazines. I have a pill that keeps getting bigger and bigger…LOL

    @Mrs. K, I wonder what’s going to be the next phenomenon.

    @Free de lulu, Oh my I thought I kept old magazines…but 15 years wow…I can say I have all the Lucky magazines since the beginning.

    @Lynn, LOL, 8 tracks…yep nothing last forever…

    @Nic I used to love to read magazine with celebrity fashion such as In Touch or Life in style but I’m into blogs more…

    @ Inez. Me too

    @SAT, Yep I doing the same thing too

    @Stricli Hair, You’re hilarious and telling the truth!

    @Shewhoacessorizes, I agree I like to see what real people are wearing!

  18. This essence cover is just fab'
    I used to read a lot of magazine but right now with "internet" and different websites...
    I dont read it again but sometimes I take the time to read fashion (VOGUE) or Gossip (bullsh*t:)​/

  19. Excellent topic! So much to say. Personally, my lack of interest in mags is attributed to the fact that they manufacture and promote fluff. According to American culture, it takes nothing to be an icon of any kind and appear on the cover of numerous mags (Kardashian clan, hello?). The hard truth is that Ameican culture is on the decline. Really, I wouldn't have a subscription to Harper's Bazaar if I didn't snag a year for $2. Fashion is no longer about fashion. Yes, it's business, but the fantasy element has disappeared, which is the main focus. If you really want to know about fashion and become inspired rely on foreign mags. They get it right all the time. As a matter of fact, they still use models on their covers, which is a rarity in America. I rather spend the $10-$20 for foreign any day, especially when an ethnic model is on the cover. Also consider, mags make their content avail online so why bother with hitting a newsstand. Besides, mag content hits the internet before the newsstands most of the time. It's a sad reality! Blogging is a phenomenon that is not showing any signs of waning soon. The fact is that there are so many perspectives and the blogosphere allows people to share as opposed to being dictated to.

  20. For me, magazines are not becoming obSOlete.

    I just love to check these out live in my livingroom posted up on the sofa.

    I also do vision parties so I have really stared keeping them. (I have to send you a pic of all my mags. U will most def say GET RID OF THOSE!!! lol)

    Now that I am back in the blog world, I just lurke around and see what everyone is wearing and snatch ideas.

    (i just started a post on my *lurve* for magazines)brb


  21. I am a magazine addict! Though I love them so, they can become very costly. The amount of money I've spent on mags (I'm known as the magazine lady at my local Walgreens- sad I know) I can use for a cute pair of shoes or something. Lately, I've been relying on fashion blogs. You can get the lastest info quicker and it's a free read. I like fashion blogs better anyhow because I like seeing what people are rocking.


  22. I still love my glossies! But I prefer to go browsing blogs on the web it's so much more real. As you said it's real people with real budgets & fashion magazines are just like dreams! Though I do love a good editorial...

  23. Katie Mac, I totally agree. I used to wait for the latest issue of Lucky to come through my mail box, just to duplicate the latest trends on a cheaper budget. Now, I'm less interested in being "trendy" and just do what looks good on me and what I feel comfortable in and still look HOT!! LOL. Fashion blogs are the best!! I love seeing how much fun fashion can be. I like seeing fashion through the eyes of regular people like myself.

  24. I am regular Marie Clare subscriber. They tend to delve into women's rights issues and politics sometimes so they're not purely a fashion mag but they still give me my fix.

    1. This too.... first time I ever heard of Sarah Palin was in Vogue magazine and they predicted a year before the run up to the election that she had the potential to be the VP running mate....

  25. I love and read magazines (Harpers and Vogue) for the curated look at couture clothing. I love blogs but very few of them (that I know off) show couture clothing, not just accessories. Plus the pictures are usually amazing... a lot of blogs can't compete with Anna Wintour's roster of photographers. But really, I think the two are complimentary, magazines for couture/aspirational... fashion blogs for street fashion.


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