Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hello Kitty

My love of Hello Kitty goes as far as elementary school, and over the years I’ve become an avid collector of all things Hello Kitty.  Luckily, most of my trinkets have been gifts from family and friends. 

Two years ago I was visited the Sanrio store in New York and had a blast buying stuff.  I would love to visit the store in Japan!

My most precious treasure is my Hello Kitty Build a Bear doll…that I found brand new at the thrift store!
The Hello Kitty Vans tennis shoes are next on my wish list…..

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What I Wore
Shirt-Forever 21
Ring-Beauty Supply
Bracelets- Dots and Forever 21
Watch and Necklace-Avon
Sunglasses-New York and Company


  1. Oh I would be jealous with this, we don't have party like this in California :o( btw love your wedges! the t'shirt is fabulous too! xx Joice

  2. I wish I could be involved in ilovethrifting. I'm going to order a shirt. Cuz I'm really have feel in love with thrifting.

    You are always so colorful and cute. Love that build a bear so cute!

  3. Looks like someone is enjoying there time look cute and I love the heels

  4. i used to love hello kitty too! you look great!

  5. I love the top...

  6. super cute outfit!! love the hello kitty top <3

  7. Love love love that t-shirt! I sooo need one asap! Lovely outfit honey.. perfect for summer! I dig those shorts

  8. Im diggin those wedges! Those look like your speed! Loving those bright colors too! :)

  9. Back in the day...I was also a Hello Kitty Collector! Love the shirt! Super cute!

  10. Loving the Hello Kitty tee and skippies! I'm a major fan myself. Next trip to NYC I'll take you to the Sanrio store in Time Square.

  11. Gotta LOVE a cute pair of wedges!!!! :D

  12. The Hello Kitty is so cute and fun!!!

  13. I love those sneakers!
    How in the sam pickens did I NOT see these in the stores?



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