Thursday, September 22, 2011

Green & Glamour Block Party and Beauty Event

This past Saturday, K.D from Hair Gurl and I attended the Green & Glamour Block Party and Beauty Event at Natural Resources Salon.  Due to the rainy weather the block party was moved inside the salon where attendees munched on snacks and viewed a fashion show hosted by Great Day Houston’s Deborah Duncan.  Natural Resources Salon is a chemical free salon that specializes in natural hair care, organic products and treatment for hair loss.  

I had the pleasure of meeting Rocquelle from Consider Me Lovely who was super friendly!
If you haven’t check out Rocquelle’s blog please do. She has a great love of vintage fashion and accessories. 

Uche was the fashion designer for the event and will be relocating to LA to make her mark in the fashion business.  She is extremely talented!

The event was so much fun and I will be returning to the salon soon to keep up my new hairdo!

What I Wore
Top-JCrew Thrift
Jeans- Forever 21 Thrift
Scarf and Rain Boots-Dots
Bracelets- Jcpenney and Bakers
Earrings- Beauty Supply
Purse and Watch-Michael Kors


  1. Sounds like a fun event! So excited that so many are deciding to go natural. I think it is the most beautiful in terms of hair!! I wish I had never died mine! It hasn't been the same since. So hard and brittle now. Kiah

  2. It was so wonderful meeting you that night (I've said it so many times, lol)!! It was a great event, and you and K.D. were so fun!!

  3. I wish I would've known about that event :( It seemed like it was so much fun lol! Anywho, you look great girl! I see you rockin' that turban like nobodies business lol! Oh and feel free to pass those leopard rain boots to me when you're done lol!

  4. Sounds so fun! Im loving the leopard rainboots!

  5. Glad you had the opportunity to attend. Hope you were able to walk away with some helpful tips about natural hair. Also love the turban.


  6. I agree w/ Rocquelle I feel like i've said it so many times! lol! It was so fun & it was so cool meeting Rocquelle & Uche as well as the other attendees. I still can't believe those boots came from Dots! Now i need to go see their selection.-K.D.

  7. Lovin' that turban Katie Mac...and those leopard rainboots are absolutely FAB!!


  8. Loving the turban with the big hoop earrings

  9. Sounds like a great event.

    Those are the best rain boots ever.

  10. Katie, the turban is too cute!!!! After seeing yours I think I just may give it a try... the rain boots are darling!!!!

    The event looks SUPERB!!!! Wish I was there bcuz I'm having the hardest time with my natural hair... when I get it straighten it only last 2 days so I'm on the verge of going back to the creamy crack!!!! :-/

  11. loving the turban! I need to gain some confidence to wear one out the house! lol

  12. turban and the jeans = too cute!!!

  13. that event looks like it was fun! i love your turban! super cute!

    I hope we're following each other! :o)

  14. HAPPY NEW YEAR, gorgeous!!!

  15. Are your rainboots from Aldo? I got the same ones!

  16. Chic, Chic baby! do you like the ideea of following each other?;X


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