Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Weekend Recap

This weekend was filled with friends, family, and trying to beat this Texas heat which is well over 100 degrees.  Because it was so HOT I wanted to keep my outfit cool and simple. What’s simpler than a little black dress? 

Saturday I had the pleasure of attending my friend Priscilla’s baby shower. My fellow bloggers and friends Strictli Hair and Fitz Chronicles were also in attendance. I had a great time laughing and eating as the mother to be unwrapped her gifts. 

Sunday Father’s Day was lovely spending time with my Dad sharing stories and laughing. We can talk for hours on all kinds of topics from politics, current events, to reality television.  It’s truly endless. 
Hope your week is off to a great start!

What I Wore
Dress- Eddie Bauer
Vest- Club Monaco Thrift
Shoes- Macys
Necklace- Bakers
Bangles- Jessica Kagan Cushman and Thrift

Special thanks to Fitz for taking my pictures!


  1. You looked really comfy in this outfit! I'm enjoying those shoes! Hey maybe we can make Fitz our official photographer...she takes AWESOME Pics!!! :)

  2. Well well well I finally got a shout out from themacstyles for taking her pics...lol

    Let me just say this that vest transformed that dress because I saw you before yu put it on..just goes to show you the smallest thing makes a difference...

    @strictlihair I'd love to be the official photographer

  3. I love it, and I WANT your pendant.

  4. You look cute and comfy! Love those shoes!

  5. beautiful!! i love that necklace :)

  6. Hey there lady. Thanks for stopping by my page and for your wonderful welcome to the blog world. Cute outfit.

    Stay Fierce!

  7. You look gorgeous my dear! really cute outfit! xx Joice

  8. Simple Chic! Always a safe choice, especially in 100+ degree heat. Congrats to Priscilla!


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