Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Ok, so I begin my “Shop Your Closet- Self Challenge” and I’m pleasantly surprised by what I found thus far. Case in point…this outfit! I’ve only worn this dress and leggings one time and I can tell you exactly when and where. Isn’t that funny, when you can look at clothing items and it brings back some memories?  

I bought this dress last year at Kohl’s and wore it once to work. I received plenty of compliments but somehow never wore it again…until now. Why you ask? Well, this dress was buried between a set of dresses in the closet that no longer fit but I refuse to get rid of them.  Did I mention I have a closet of many sizes? I’ll save that craziness for another blog post!             

These leggings are almost a year old too! I found them at a JCPenney clearance sale. I wore them to my BFF’S birthday party. That night, I danced like there was no tomorrow and my feet suffered the next day. Good Times!

The necklace I wore to Luci Lui’s birthday dinner 3 years ago at PF Changs. I remember that night because it was my second time eating at PF Changes and I was not too pleased with my food but I loved the atmosphere and conversation! I must admit, I prefer Mexican food over Chinese, so PF Changs had no chance with me.

Let me talk about these shoes…they’re super old but I love them! I bought these shoes back in the day at Bakers. It was so long ago, that I wrote a check that took Bakers forever to cash! That’s how you know they’re old because who writes checks anymore?? LOL! We are a credit/debit society now….

Another benefit of shopping your closet…you get to stroll down memory lane!

What I Wore
Dress- Kohl’s
Leggings- JCPenney
T-shirt- Thrift
Shoes-Baby Phat Bakers
 Handbag- Found in Closet
Jewelry and Belt- Forever 21
Watch- Fossils



  1. Aww, what a sweet post. I love those leggings, with the little snaps... ew, too cute.

  2. Love the post love the pics even more...man you shouldhire that photographer...hint hint shout out would be nice..lol

  3. @Manecoarse Thank you!

    @Fitz, I was having technically difficulties with this post and when I was trying to make edits to give your shout out and blogger went crazy changing my fonts and moving stuff. I closed out with no updates…So special shout out to Fitz and her amazing photographs! Thank you again :)

  4. Love your idea about shopping your closet. I think 8 of 10 women forget about their clothes as soon as they reach the closet and that should be consider as a fashion mistake. You inspire me to do the same, you have no idea how many pieces of clothes I own that I've only wore once or twice at the most, maybe because I always wear my uniform to work.
    And btw about the different sizes, believe me, everybody (men included) has the same problem in their closet!

  5. Hmmm 30 day shop your closet challenge.....I do know if I could do it...I guess I could try....after this weekend LOL! That's too funny about your shoes. The dress is really cute and I love the pink color on your toenails.

  6. Love your style A+. You're outfits make me smile they are so cheery, & colorful, from head to toe!
    Good Job!

  7. Katie Mac....I have those shoes!!! And YES, they are truly old, but I love'em nonetheless! And I remember when you wore that necklace...matter of fact, I believe I have a pic! Cute leggings, they're very unique! Great post chicky! :)

  8. I love everything!! The dress is cute, the purse is even cuter...and I love how your hot pink toes, bring out the pink in your dress!

  9. I'm really enjoying the print of that dress on you! Your smile is always glowing, its beautiful! :)



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  12. Your 'Shop Your Closet...Challenege' is off to a great start. I know what you mean by clothes and memories of when/where you wore them...too funny. Cute leggings, dress, and shoes.

  13. You are doing so well. I love the idea of wearing a t-shirt under a dress. I must try.

  14. Love your dress. The print is super cute! I'm also diggin those leggins! Love your style Diva!


  15. Ladies thank you all for all the lovely comments. I encourage you all to take the self challenge and shop your closets. I’m sure you have plenty of cute items that haven’t been worn in months. Let me know what you find!

  16. that dress looks great on you! i'm constantly shopping my closet :)

  17. That dress is too cute! And that's crazy...P.F. Changs is one of my fave restaurants! Since you love Mexican food, have u tried Lupe's tex mex??? LOVE.


  18. Nice, I love the Bag and of course the pink polish doll...

  19. Cute! Funky! And comfy! I just recently began shopping my closet. Can I tell you how many treasures I found. And to think I was prepping some of the finds to become hand-me-downs. It could have almost been a tragedy, SMDH! The dress is uber-cute. And so are the leggings! Honestly, that purse tops off the outfit. BTW, you didn't name the toe nail polish. LOL


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