Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Buyer’s Remorse

Dear Bakers,
Why must all sales be final?
I must confess my recent purchase of the Yasmine wedge is just not working for me. I’m unsure what happened or why the sudden change, but the feeling is not there anymore. When I saw these babies I thought they belonged in my closet and debated between the colors nude, black, or animal print. The black patent won out because of the $29.99 price tag. I looked to my friends, who were shopping with me, for encouragement.  They cosigned on my need for these shoes. So I happily told the sales associate, “I’ll take’em!”  But as I walked around the store my inner voice started talking “Get out of the store NOW! You don’t need another shoe!” Inner voice please get quiet!  And our debate begins...  The inner voice won out, and I left the store heartbroken and empty handed.

The next morning the Yasmine wedge was still on my mind and my friends kept telling me there is no way I should’ve left those shoes….and once again the debate begins. I made a trip back to Bakers on my lunch break. Blame it on A.P.P. (Adult Peer Pressure). You know that feeling...you have to buy something because your friends say it’s cool. You shouldn’t do it but you do…I know, it’s so high school….but it happens from time to time in adulthood.

 I was happy until I got home.  Once I slipped them on I felt 7 feet tall!  My feet were in excruciating pain because the peep toe felt tight. I walked around the house to break them in and these shoes were hard as a rock. Not to mention I almost twisted my ankle just standing in place. Yes, standing in place!  It’s totally crazy, but it’s a true story. I must acknowledge that my naturally high arches do make it painful for me to wear high instep shoes. Ok….so I’ll take some of the blame for not being able to wear this shoe. Bakers please accept my return or exchange and I’ll get a pair of cute flats instead…C’mon!!!!
I ask you again, why must all sales be final?
Thanks your loyal customer,
Katie Mac


  1. special but not impossible is cool

  2. BAHAHAHAHA.....this was too cute Katie Mac! But to be fair, it's only the clearance items that's final sale at Bakers!! But to piggy back on your mention of the A.P.P....no one knows more about that than I do, hence the reason I even have a blog in the first place! :)

  3. I love the shoes K-Mac,and I think we all experience A.P.P. from each other....lol

    Consider selling them so its not a total loss (just a suggestion)

  4. I think A.P.P. is very common, especially amongst our group of friends,lol. With so many shop-a-holics in a confined area, its bound to cause some trouble at some point. Good thing is that you didnt spend an arm and a leg for those shoes. Fitz had a great idea, maybe you can sell them! That is, if you can stand the idea of someone else wearing YOUR shoe! lol

  5. There is nothing worst than wearing the wrong shoes. You cannot think of anything else but the pain in your feet and the hole in your pocket, hehehhe. Still you have learned your lesson: always listen to you inner voice, heheheh (LOL)
    I do hope the change the for you.
    Did you know that you still have WORD VERIFICATION???.
    I am leavin a link just in case you want to delete it. I am going blind here, be pity of me LOL:

  6. We all suffer from A.P.P. when you find a cure puh-lease let me know!!!! BTW, sometimes the CUTE shoes are the KILLER shoes literally! *Great Post*

  7. @Free du lulu Thanks

    @ Luci Lui, A big special thanks to you for coining the phrase A.P.P. it’s such a true statement. I’m a full participant all day everyday…LOL

    @ Fitz, Yea I’m going to try to sell them or adding some shoe insoles.

    @ Priscilla, We should work on our A.P.P. and use it for good not for shopping! LOL

    @ Sacramento, You’re so correct about wearing painful shoes. I’m learning my lesson because I’ve been known to wear to small shoes because the price was right…but know that I’m older and wiser I understand it’s just not worth it. Oh and no worries about the word verification I took care of that…it’s gone! You’re right it’s a waste of time…

    @ LA Lynn, That is so true the cuter the shoe the more painful! What’s up with that? LOL

  8. aww that stinks!! i'm sorry!

  9. So sorry that they hurt your feet. They are cute! Thank you for all of your sweet comments! Kiah

  10. These are VERY cute! I'm sorry they didnt work for you. Dont you just HATE when that happens??? But, if they are my size, you can surely send me to me! LOL


  11. thank you for your amazing comment girl! i know what you mean, shoes can kill you, and you are so glad that you see a chair where you can sit on! so you have to make a compromise, i can understand your return, but i love the patent leather



  13. @ Zarna, I know but I’m going to try to make them work!

    @ Kiah, Thanks…Congrats again on your feature
    @High Heels @ Good Meals Thanks!

    @ Prissy, There a size 9…Let me know if the size is right…LOL

    @Absolutely Mrs. K, I feel you some shoes are just made to sit down in and look pretty. No walking needed..LOL

    @DablackSJP, Thank you! :)

  14. LOL! Girl that's happened to me countless times! I swear I love them in the store but hate them when I get home!

  15. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE ....... /:)


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