Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mall Security

I wanted to take some quick shots and I thought what better place than the mall parking lot. Yea right!  Everything was going great until mall security continued to circle around my vehicle like vultures, making me nervous.  Geez, can you guys go find a shoplifter or something? Mall security, please keep it moving…I’m working here!

They finally drove off after I advised them I was ok, just taking pictures.  No need to be alarmed.

Note to self…find another location.  This is not worth the aggravation!

Lately, I’ve been into everything that is a bold, bright color.  So these skinny turquoise jeans were a great find at the thrift store. The added bonus, they were brand new from Forever 21. I love a good deal and will spend hours and hours searching for one! 

What I Wore
Shirt and Jeans- Thrift
Scarf- Dots
Shoes- Kenneth Cole
Clutch- Vintage
Watch- Fossil
Bracelets Jcpenney, Forever 21
Ring- Forever 21
Nail polish- OPI Ogre-The-Top Blue


  1. I love this color combo. Very pretty.

  2. Thanks. Loving all the bright colors for spring!

  3. Love the look, and the accessories.

  4. I love those pants! The color is fantastic and you look great in them! I am also loving how you paired them with black and white. I used this same color combo with a teal skirt and black/white sweater! I want all of your bracelets! Super cute! Thank you for the lovely award and for all your sweet comments! Kiah

  5. Love the way your scarf tied the colors together. I love those pants.

  6. Oh, I love those pants and I've been eyeballing the ones at forever21, I'm on spending freeze so I didn't get them.

    You look great in blue!

  7. @ Jody Thanks! I gotta have my big bold accessories.

    @ Kiah, Thank you. I stalked JCP to get those bracelets and I had to make sure I had a coupon. The come in all different colors.

    @ Love Addict Thanks! I've been looking for a leopard scarf for awhile and scored a deal for $5 at Dots.

    @ Inez, Yea I saw that had multiple colors at Forever 21. The pink ones are cute too but I understand about the spending freeze. I need to get on one too...LOL

    @ The Nyanzi Report, Thank you for the lovely comment.

  8. Way to go Scooter! This looks awesome! You combine colors so well and you truly have a knack for putting patterns together and making it work!

  9. I love the colors of those pants! And girl, sercurity is always on my "jock" when I'm taking my pictures. I've perfected the art of ignoring them and making them come ask me what I'm doing. LOL!

  10. Adore the jeans!!!!

  11. @ Jarette, Thanks!

    @ GFS, Thanks for the advice...I'll make sure to do that next time....LOL

    @Loveoffashion22, Thank you. There super comfy!

  12. Sooo absolutely loving the turquoise. The scarf, the bangles and that charm bracelet! Oh, how can I forget the nail polish? I enjoy the splash of pink...PERFECT!!! The black n white stripes and patent leather wedges...PERFECT!!! Keep doing the DARN thing!!!


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