Monday, May 9, 2011

Blog For A Day With J

This weekend I had the opportunity to attend Blog for a Day with J in Austin, Texas. The event was sponsored by The Unique Closet, an Austin based women’s clothing and accessory retailer, and Stay Bridge Suites. I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely J from J’s Everyday Fashion. Her mission is to teach women that they too can be fashionable at an affordable price.
The day started off with a meet and greet with the other fashion bloggers.  J was nice enough to share her real life experience of creating a successful blog. The events agenda consisted of the following topics: creating your personal brand, marketing your blog, using social media communities, advertising, and blogging best practices.  Alvin and Mallary Brown, owners of The Unique Closet, provided insightful information on how bloggers can build their brand through partnerships and sponsorships with retailers.
After enjoying a day filled with an abundance of information we were able to end with a shopping event with The Unique Closet and Stella and Dot, with J as our personal stylist.
Laura Beck from was gracious enough to provide each blogger a choice of a free striped shirt or cardigan.  Of course I choose the stripe shirt.

Special thanks to my mom and cousin for accompany me on the road trip to Austin. My mom is my biggest cheerleader and always supports my endeavors. I’m truly blessed to call her mom!

What I Wore
Shirt- Thrifted
Pants- New York and Company
Sandals- Thrifted
Bracelets – Jcpenney
Earrings- Beauty Supply Store
Watch- Michael Kors
Clutch- Thrifted

Check out J’s website for the next upcoming events. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out!


  1. U look cute, looks like u had a ball *)

  2. Oh I love when you pair dark blue and yellow so chic! thanks for stopping by at my blog and for your sweet comment! ^_^

  3. You look so great! Glad you had a fun time networking + meeting folks in Austin.

    And to answer your question on twitter from forever ago now - I did have a great weekend, thx!


  4. sounds like you had a great time and learned a lot!

  5. Looks like you & Mama Mac had a blast Kathlene! You girls should do more road trips together!

  6. Thanks ladies for the comments. Had a great time and learned so much!

  7. Love the yellow pants,clutch purse and hoop earrings.

  8. I really wish there were more bloggers in Michigan. looks like you had a great time!

  9. Insightful information indeed! Sounds like it was a great learning experience. Thank you so much for checking out my blog. I love those pants....the color is smashing! Yes, I do find that most things from Asos are HUGE in the waist! Now following. Kiah

  10. I absolutely adore the ease an ethnic touches of both the thrifted top and clutch. Thrift shop finds are where it's at! The yellow pants definitely highlight the top and purse. Good look!

  11. I was supposed to go but I hung out with my mom that weekend, she lives an hour away from Austin. Love your top!

  12. @Juanette, Awww I would've been great to meet you but hanging with mom was a better choice.

  13. It was so nice meeting you! And I absolutely loved your outfit that day! :-)

  14. @J, It was great to meet you too. I really had a great time and learned so much! Thanks :)


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