Monday, May 23, 2011

Texas Black Expo 2011

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Texas Black Expo with fellow bloggers K.D. from Hair Gurl, Luci Lui from Strictli Hair and future blogger Shandha.  The Expo is an annual event with the goal of creating awareness of individuals and business within the black community.  The main theme for this year’s event was celebrating natural hair. The two day event consisted of seminars, vendors, and speakers that specialized in natural hair care. I was able to catch up with blogger Tamera of Natural Hair Rules who hosted a natural hair meet up. It was great to see all the natural hair beauties rockin their hair.
Shandha, K.D. and Luci Lui

If you live in Houston or just stopping by to visit and need to get your “Do” did check out the master stylist Christie L. She was nice enough to let us see her skills in action.

Christie L did her hair….Isn’t she fabulous?  And Yes, that is her hair. She is natural!  Check out their website to make an appointment at Crème de -la Crème.  

My good friend Jcil, was a vendor at the event. She is the designer behind Jcil White Designs.  Check out her website for some fabulous earrings!   

These hand painted bags are off the chain and are definitely a conversation piece.  Make sure to check out the website Susej Designs. Dionne Green is the talented fashion illustrator and designer of these bags.

Of course I couldn’t leave the expo without making a purchase. Check out my purse. Isn’t she gorgeous?  Its hand painted from Susej Designs. Love it!

A number of celebrities attended the Texas Black Expo.  I got to catch up with my new friend J. Anthony Brown. He walked up while we’re taking pictures and of course I let him jump in my picture.
Overall the expo was a blast. I truly enjoyed the event.  

What I Wore
Maxi Dress and Tank Top- Ross
Sandals- Target
Bracelets- Consignment shop
Cross body bag- Coach


  1. Oh WOW, your "new" friend J. Anthony Brown huh!! Well, I'm sure he was very pleased to that you allowed him the honor of being in your pic! LOL!! I had a blast and I hope that we can all go do more events around town so I can get more fabulous shots for my blog! Thanks for the shout out!! :)

  2. Hey Katie Mac (LOVE that name) what a beautiful smile. Looks like you ladies had a blast! I would love to visit Texas one day! Thanks for stopping by doll and leaving such a sweet comment!

  3. @ Luci Lui Yes, my new friend that's right. I'm sure J. Anthony Brown will give me a shout out on the radio. We gotta prepare for the new hair show in December! We're so there!

    @ Full Figured Diva, Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and the lovely comment. I enjoy your blog so much you also look so fabulous and the cupcake post also look so delicious. I'm a big cupcake fan!

  4. Love you post as always! and the maxi dress is so chic! ^_^ about my nail polish is Pure ice from Walmart, name Naughty girl color light orange to golden is only $2.99. Thank you for your sweet comment! ^_^

  5. Wow this makes me feel as though I was there, but it also makes me hate I missed it. You girls collected a lot of information and I think it will be helpful in your future adventures..... 1st Omarion, 2nd Sheree, 3rd J. Anthony Brown...always hanging with the stars..

  6. Looks like you guys had a great time, I have to have one of those handbags, and love your dress comfy & stylish.

  7. @Love Joice, Thanks for the lovely comment and the nail polish info.

    @Fitz, Yes you were missed. We had a great time.

    @Natashia, We had a great time. Oh I know you bag has to be too cute. I wanted to get one of the clutches too.

  8. Hello, Hello...Thank you so much for your wonderful comments about my work at the Black Expo. It means alot and I so appreciate the LOVE!!!!!

    Christie L

    Hair Stylist at Creme de la Creme Hair Salon
    and Boutique Houston, TX

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