Sunday, April 10, 2011

In Living Color

Did anyone catch the In Living Color marathon? It’s by far one of the funniest sketch comedy shows of all times but what caught my eye today were the fashions. Remember the 90’s fashion? Everything was big, baggy, and bright color clothes. I began to reminisce about my Cross Colors oversized purple jeans….OMG…I can’t believe I dragged my mom to the Merry Go Round store to get a pair but I had to have them. Oops showing my age here…

Belt-New York and Company, Clutch-Vintage, Ring-Charlotte Russe, Earrings- Forever 21, Bracelet-Vintage and Jessica Kagan Cushman

This is one of my favorite bracelets of all time. It’s a hand poured black resin bangle with ivory hand scripted text that reads-
                    “Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess”

                    Shirt-Target, Pants-Target, Thirfted, Shoes-Target

These pants are perfect for summer but the added bonus I paid less than you would for a cheeseburger off the dollar menu. “I’m Lovin’ it! “

Nail polish Sinful Colors-Pink Forever and China Glaze Crackle

Well I traded those Cross Colors oversized purple jeans for a pair of classis pink khakis.
Thank God my style has evolved. Tell me how your style has changed?   


  1. Im loving this look Katie Mac!! You are on it!! I cant wait for the next post!!!

  2. Luci, Thanks, I got some new ideas and looks coming up soon!

  3. Love the nails! Oh the outfit, shoes, accessories are awesome too!

  4. How can we miss the toes match the slacks? And don't even mention cross colors...carib men in nyc just now stopped wearing cross colors. What about benetton? I know you had benetton katie mac.

  5. Loving the following: white square bangle, clutch, shoes, belt, ring and khakis. Who would have ever khakis? And you know me, the nails are my tres favorite accessory. Cross Colors? SMH at that "classic". Makes me think of Karl Kani...remember him/that? Would you believe there's a KK store in one of the most popular, Western Shanghai, China shopping malls? Keep up the updates. FABOLA!!!!

  6. And how can I forget to mention the coordinated toes and pants? Loving the ensemble! Nice way to incorporate color into the wardrobe.

  7. You play too much! Can I have that clutch, please? Pretty please?!?!

    I replied to your comment regarding my hair on my blog but here is my response:

    @Katie Mac, I transitioned for 7 months before I cut all of the relaxer off and I was wearing a curly sew in weave. I would get it done every six weeks and only the front of my hair was out to blend.

    You can check out my old fotki album with transitioning photos here:

    The transitioning process can be daunting I suggest wearing weaves, braids, roller sets or bantu knot outs to help you deal with the two textures because it's hard still trying to wear your hair straight if your transitioning.

    If you have any other questions, email me

  8. Those pants are a great color, and I love how you paired them with that belt.

  9. @Jody, thanks I’m a nail polish fanatic.

    @Blabby Abby, Yes I was fan of Benetton but I it was the print ads that got me.

    @ Des, OMG yes I remember Karl Kani! LOL I can’t believe that there still around and to be so popular overseas wow go figure. I love these pink khakis that are so comfortable.

    @ Juanette, Let’s do a trade for your train case….LOL :) Just kidding…I know you have mad love for the train case.

    Thanks for all the information your transitioning process it was extremely helpful. I made appointment this Sunday to get my kinky twist. I can’t wait….hopefully I can wear those for 2 months and then do the Big Chop!

    @Manecoarse, Thanks I bought that belt a year ago and never worn it until this month.I have a bad habit of buying things and using them months or years later...LOL

  10. Loving your most recent blog! You make Target look great. Wonder if I can find those pants. I really loved the nail polish. Thanks for mentioning the name of it.

  11. I thought I posted on this...That clutch is calling my name. Don't worry Juanette, I'm in Houston...I'll find her, get it and then we can share it!

  12. @ Love Addict- You know I love me some Tarjay! Oh check out Sally’s Beauty Supply for the Crackle nail polish it comes in different colors too.

    @ GFS, I may have to share my clutch since I see there is another train case in town! LOL


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