Saturday, April 30, 2011

Change is Good

Check out my new “Hair Do” Kinky Twist braids. I’m making the transition from relaxed to natural hair.  This was a decision that I thought long and hard about, because I don’t handle change very well.  I’ve spent many hours watching You Tube videos, reading natural hair blogs, and finding real life inspirations from friends and family.  So I decided to embrace change and start my natural hair journey.

What I Wore
Harem Pants- Dots
Shoes- Target
Clutch- Vintage
Necklace- Found in Closet
Bracelets- Vintage and Jessica Kagan Cushman


  1. YOU LOOK SO GREAT!!!!! 'Change' may not be easy for you - but it looks wonderful! The kinky twist braids really suit you!! <3


  2. What?! Wow, looks great on you!

  3. Enjoy your journey. You look pretty!!

  4. This is such a good look on you!! I was hoping you took some photos in this outfit when we were out Friday!! The ensemble was fun & jazzy all at once! Good Job Katie Mac!

  5. Love the necklace! thanks for following me, I'm your new follower!

  6. @Luci, Thanks! You know I had to snap some pictures while we were out. :)

    @ ShayG, Thanks! I bought that necklace many years ago and forgot I had it and found in my closet last week.

    @ Love Joice, Thank you! Happy we can support one another.

  7. Love the twists they welcome summer. Nice outfit has a nice ethnic feel.

  8. Wow!!! What a transition! Looks wonderful! And perfect with the ethnic vibe of the top and clutch. You better work!!! I love the whole ensemble. Welcomes the warmer weather well. I love the bangles as well. Keep up the spectacular work!

  9. @ Love Addict, Thanks! Yes the twist are perfect for summer easy maintenance.

    @ Des, Thank you! I love this top. It's such a light fabric that is great for the hot weather.

  10. I've never been in a Dots but someone told me that they have cute stuff! I want those pants!

  11. @ Juanette, You gotta check out Dots. It’s a great place to get trendy clothes for affordable prices. You just got be selective in the items you choose because the quality is not always that great.

  12. I'm loving the hair. That's how I transitioned, I wore braids to let it grow it out! Good luck!

  13. I do love ur hair!
    I am all NatUral...HATE IT!
    It is soooo curly and everytime I straighten it, its just springs back.

    Uuuggghhh on my hair.

    Keep us posted on ur hair world.



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